The Gregorian Etruscan Museum is located inside the Vatican Museums in Rome and contains in twenty-two exhibition rooms the works and artifacts dating from the ninth to the first century BC. Thanks to the works on display it is possible to follow the thousand-year history of the Etruscan people.

It was founded in 1836 by Pope Gregory XVI to house the works found in archaeological excavations in the cities of Southern Etruria (present-day Northern Lazio) that at that time were owned by the Church.

Later the museum was enriched with works donated (in particular by Benedetto and Giacinto Guglielmi and Mario Astarita) or purchased as the Falcioni Collection.

The Gregorian Etruscan Museum occupies the Palazzetto del Belvedere and the Apartment of Tor dei Venti and from its interior you can see the beautiful Bramante’s Snail.

Hall of the Regolini-Galassi Tomb in the Gregorian Etruscan Museum in the Vatican Museums in Rome

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