One of the most beautiful gardens in Rome, visited every year by tens of thousands of visitors, is located inside the Vatican walls, next to the Vatican Museums.

The Vatican Gardens were used from its origins as a place of prayer and relax by the Popes of the time.

We recommend a visit to the gardens combined with a guided tour of the Vatican Museums to discover all the secrets of papal life.

Initially the garden inside the defensive walls consisted of an orchard, a lawn and a garden.
The maximum artistic and architectural splendor was reached between 500 and 600 when the garden was adorned with statues and fountains thanks to important artists and architects such as Donato Bramante and Pirro Ligorio.

Inside the Vatican Gardens there are statues depicting the Madonna, sanctuaries or temples and caves.
The Gardens are embellished with fountains with various water features such as the Fountain of the Galera, the Fountain of the Eagle and a fountain in the shape of a Galleon that shoots jets of water from its cannons.

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