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Tickets for the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel

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After the long months of the health emergency due to COVID-19 infection, online ticket booking has become mandatory to avoid queues and crowds of visitors.
The entrance ticket includes the various sections of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.
The Vatican Museums exhibit masterpieces from ancient to modern art and in the Sistine Chapel you will admire the magnificent ceiling painted by Michelangelo and the Last Judgment.

Guided tour of the Vatican museums

The best way to get to know the Vatican Museums is with a guided tour. An expert guide will introduce you to the secrets of the Vatican Museums.
You will visit Raphael's rooms, the Gallery of Geographical Maps and the Sistine Chapel and learn the details of these incredible works.

Tour of the Vatican Museums: reserved access with a guide

Get the ultimate Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel VIP experience. Enjoy the fastest entry and guided tour with an art historian expert.

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Why don't you also visit the splendid gardens of the Vatican Museums?
Inside the Vatican walls, next to the Vatican Museums, in the Vatican Gardens there are statues depicting the Madonna, sanctuaries or temples and caves and various fountains with various water features such as the Galera Fountain, the Eagle Fountain and the Galleon fountain that shoots jets of water from its cannons.

Vatican Gardens: Open Minibus Tour

Explore Rome's most divine gardens aboard a comfortable open-top minibus.
Free audio guide.

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