St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican is the symbol of the Vatican State and the Catholic Church and is the largest basilica in the world.

Inside are the main Catholic events such as Christmas, the rites of Holy Week, Easter, the opening and closing of the Jubilees and the proclamation of new Popes.

The Basilica is 218 meters long and 136 meters high up to its dome and is one of the main attractions of tourists who are in Rome. It is possible to visit it for free but if you want to learn more about the art and the secrets kept inside it, it is advisable to book a guided tour or use the audio guide.

Guided tour of St Peter’s Basilica

Guided tour of the largest church in the world.
Entrance to St Peter's Basilica and guided tour with official guides.

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The best way to visit St. Peter's Basilica is with an expert official Vatican guide who will reveal all about the history of these places and the architecture of this splendid church.

Quick access to St. Peter's Basilica will allow you to visit one of the symbols of Christianity and admire priceless works such as Michelangelo's Pietà or Bernini's Baldacchino.

St Peter's Basilica Tour, Dome Climb and Papal Crypts

Admire Rome from the dome of St Peter’s Basilica.
Guided tour of Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Papal Crypts.

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